Thursday, August 30, 2007

CA for CA: Odex had "no right of civil action" against illegal downloaders

Piracy is a crime. Or is it? It's so common it's becoming the norm nowdays.

Many people in Singapore are downloading pirated stuff nowadays, from songs on various P2P software such as Limewire, to downloading videos from youtube, and it does not just apply to animae. This, in the government's eyes, is illegal, bu they are not doing anything about it besides promoting 'piracy is a crime' advertisements and 'commercials' on every video you buy, or in the films. They aren't really cracking down on offenders of this crime, and now they refuse another company's claim to sue the offenders. This just will encourage people to download more illegal stuff as they know that the government is making very little effort to nab and fine the people who are doing illegal downloading, and teenagers who don't really care about the consequences because they think that the government will not bother to care that they are downloading and nab them might just be right.

The fault also lies in the company. Firstly it is making a large amount of profits by selling their VCDs for an exorbitant price. The CDs only cost a matter of 10 or 20 cents and the rights to the video will cost about 10 to 20 dollar per copy. But ODEX is selling animaes at a price of 50-80 dollars, which makes their profit about 50 dollars. And their focus audience of the animae is the students and teens, who do not earn any money and get little pocket money. By doing this, it discourages teens from buying because they do not have enough money and their parents are not willing to spend that much money on a matter of a matter of 1 or 2 videos. Thus teens will resort to piracy where they can get the same thing with comparable quality, and the best thing is that it doesn't cost a cent.

Let's look at this, if prices are high, less people will buy and turn to illegal downloading. And when less people buy, the company has to increase cost of the video to make up for it's producing costs, and the vicious cycle continues. But if prices are lowered by the company and the government makes a strong stand on piracy and takes action on offenders, then people will turn to buying real stuff which are affordable and the profit of the company will increase too even though they earn less per vcd as more people buy, and this is a win-win situation for both the consumers and ODEX.

Seriously, who cares about 'illegal downloads' when you can download them for free and get away scot-free for it. That is the attitude of teems who don't care about moral issues. But why should they care when the government doesn't care too. The government might think that this might serve as a warning to the illegal downloaders, but it will turn out the opposite. It should instead set an example to the people by showing that piracy is NOT tolerated and bothering to go sue and nad the people who do that.

As usual, ODEX is suing the illegal downloaders because of company profits. They have lost money because people have downloaded illegally instead of buying the real thing, and they are trying to claim back the money. But claim of $5000 when the stuff they downloaded cost only about $50 of their profits. A bit too much?

The only group that seems to have been not criticised yet is the individuals who download the stuff illegally. It might seem unreasonable to criticise them as firstly they are unable to afford the vcds, and secondly they government does not care so they won't care too. But have they forgotten their morals. It's not acase of bring the most witty and smartest by getting the 'best deals' but on the morals of downloading. Yes, the costs might be too high, but does it give teens a reson to download these illegally? NO It's like stealing a computer from a shop because the costs are too high and you cannot affort it. It goes against the issue of morality. Teens also have the misconception that piracy is not stealing, but it actually is, excapt that it is not material theft but software theft.

To the government- Just let ODEX sue the illegal downloaders and let them bear the brunt for what they have done, and teach them a lesson they'll never forget, however at a slightly lower cost of maybe $500 as a first time lesson. But first, ODEX- lower your cost of animaes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

CA for CA: U.S. envoy expects North Korean nuclear talks to restart soon

When two inreasingly stubborn countries come together and try to form an agreement between the two of them, each one refuses to compromise and as usual, they break down again. But this time. its's different. Pongyang somehow agrees to shut down it's nuclear reactor, but of course, it comes with a cost to the US government too. But the question is not on the cost, it's about why the US wants to close pyongyang's nuclear reactor down?

Why does US of A have so many nuclear weapons while it is trying to get other countries to stop production of these weapons of mass destruction. Their stand is that the other countries pose a threat to the peace of the world and that it is their duty to stop these and 'protect' the peace of the world. But let me ask them, if they treat themselves as the 'big brother' to the world, shouldn't they set an example to the rest of the world and destroy their own weapons first. And what is the purpose of having nuclear weapons to the US, is it to destroy other countries, or is it to protect themselves? If it is to protect themselvs, North Korea can also have weapons because they want to protect thmeselves too. Anyway US must remember that it is the only country to have used a nuclear bomb on humans, and they are the major culprit, not the North Koreans or Iran. If they want to prevent this from happening again, they should make sure that NO country in the world should have nuclear bombs, and they should start off first and set a good example to the rest of the world.

Another complaint is that North Korea is not reliable and could detonate the weapon to kill many people. But we question and ask whether the US is reliable, it could just detonate its weapon on anybody it doesn't like. And the US also says that North Korea is a threat to the world because it has nuclear weapons. But doesn't the US have nuclear weapons too, and certainly more than North Korea, so that makes the US a bigger threat to the world

The reason USA is doing this because it wants to protect it's status and interest. It wants to be the major superpower in the world and wants to protect their own country. Another question is why is US so concerned with the nuclear situation in North Korea? The parties in the six coumtry nation talks are Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, North Korea and the US. Do you realise that the US is ther furthest country from North Korea in the rest of the 5 nations, so why is the US so 'kaypoh' and interfere in the talks? It just wants to show to the world that it is powerful and that they are 'really' concerned the the affairs of the world to protect the security of everyone.

Even the complains on the US is not able to dispell the fact that many people think that North Korea is a threat to the world due to the fact that is is a commmunist state and its not open to the world. What makes it even threatening is that North Korea is not transparent and the world is unaware of the recent developments and whant is going on is North Korea, which makes them even more suspectible.

US is just trying to protect it's own country and status as a superpower and big brother and does not care vbout the rest of the world even though the claim that they are doing so. They should just leave the matter till pongyang decides to do something or should leave the matter in the hands of the countries around North Korea which are mostr affected

Monday, July 23, 2007

Forget to remember, remember to forget

Should I remember, or forget. It pains to remember, because I hope that it could start all over again, but it's not going to happen. To forget... then the 8 days there will be a waste of time.

Should I?

Miss the ppl

I'm starting to miss everybody. From my teamates and facilitators in my group at the camp, to the person who sat next to me on the plane on the way to Taiwan. I just wish I could go back into time and experience the wonderful times we had, but I noe it's impossible, we all just have to move on.

Keep the memories...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quotes from Taiwan

Here are three most important stuff I learnt from 秩敦哥

  1. 如果要他high,就要先自high, 但不可以过度high
  2. 你们别问我,一起跟朋友讨论,想出办法,如果真的不可以才找我
  3. 如果有东西要问就去问,以后回想时就不会后悔,而自己会觉得满意


Other quotes kopped

  1. 累只是一种过程(红豆)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back from Taiwan

Yes. I'm back from taiwan after a week. Missed one week of school but had lots of fun there. Made lots of new friends, learned lots of new stuff and had lots of fun. Took about 500 pictures on my handphone because my camera wasn't good but the pics were of quite low resolution. Took China Airlines, which had personal tv on the way there with touch sereen. The flight on the way back was horrible, no personal tv and the seats were very old. We had one day of lectures, another day of team building activities, 3 days of preparing for the event and the final day which was the event where we hosted the visually impared children to a day of fun and games. Only managed 4 hours of shopping from 10pm-2am on the last night. No taipei 101 visit too. Sigh,,, back to school.

Heard there is another trip to Dwen An in November...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Taiwan Dwen An Service Learning summer camp 2007

Whee... will be leaving for taipei later in the aftenoon today. now it's 1:35 in the morning and I can't sleep. Too excited. Will be ponning skool for one week + one day and will miss a physic quiz and some praticals and practice for chem and physics. Anyway I hope to have fun and improve my Chinese there, even though it's so hard to understand the words because they are in fan2 ti3. Anyway to those reading my blog, have fun in school....muhaaah (Ivan laugh)

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Wah. These few days damn busy lor. Only wednesday and total burnout already. Today kena late for skool.
Monday: Youth day, but had to reach skool at 9.30 am for briefing. Then bring the Taiwan Dwen An students for amazing race around Singapore till about 9pm. Reach home still got to do ERP. Slept at 2am.
Tuesday: Usual skool. Got PE, then after skool rush down queensway to pick up class shirts then rush to RGS where the Taiwan ppl were. Then played lot's of sports and games and finished at 10pm. Went home and rushed ERP and RE. No time to revise for maths TA. Slept at 1.30am.
Today sure fail maths TA lor. Never revise. Tmr still got chinese du zhe test.

Sigh... tired

anyway, 4 more days. Heh